Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Are Aliens and their Technology Underground and Undersea?

War of the Worlds in the Making?

Alien underwater bases
I don’t see any way around this issue: repeatedly in my underground and underwater bases and tunnels research I have encountered the theme of purported aliens. I will be frank with you from the outset: I positively do not know the truth behind these stories. Having said that, this highly strange issue of purported aliens underground and/or underwater is exceedingly persistent. I can conceive of a whole wide gamut of possibilities, of lies within lies, conspiracies within conspiracies, insidious agendas of cover-up, concealment and deception — as well as the very real possibility that there is a substantial kernel of truth to at least some, and perhaps most of the accounts. If the realm of clandestine underground and underwater bases and tunnels is a strange and highly secretive place (and it is!), well then, adding purported aliens to the mix and stirring up the whole caboodle to boot, makes the whole affair even stranger. My intention is not to draw firm conclusions on the matter, because I cannot. I simply do not know for certain what is going on and I am telling you that now as plainly as I can. But what I can do is to present for you representative information that I have encountered in the course of my research. What I will set out for you here is not exhaustive. I have not read everything there is to read; I have not talked to everyone there is to talk to; I do not know all the stories there are to know. I have read a lot of mind-bending literature over the years, including my own, but little can top the first few pages of The Ultimate Alien Agenda, by James Walden. I picked up this intriguing little book in a used bookstore and have read and reread the first several pages multiple times — that’s how puzzling I find the author’s story.

Aliens underwater

To make a long story short, James Walden alleges that he was abducted by alien beings and taken to a secret, deep underground facility where he was subjected to an involuntary, intimate and intrusive examination procedure that was observed by upwards of 100 others who were in attendance. Moreover, he alleges that not all of the beings present were aliens — some of the other beings present were human beings, much like himself. It appeared to him that the ostensible aliens who purportedly abducted him were in cahoots with other human beings who were in on the game — whatever this highly strange game may involve. At the conclusion of the intrusive and humiliating medical examination to which he was subjected, he was informed telepathically, "You are in an underground facility located beneath southeast Kansas."

As the alien voice spoke he saw a vision of the rural Kansas countryside far above. The telepathic voice went on to say that he was “participating in a peaceful, cooperative experiment” and added that he would not be harmed. As he pondered the other humans he saw gathered around him, the telepathic voice spoke again and said: 2 These human workers are volunteers who control human disease. are learning to Walden’s strange story continues on from this juncture at some length. If you want to know the rest of the details you will have to read his book. But for the purposes of this chapter the bare bones of his story as presented above are quite fascinating enough, in and of themselves. But can it be true? Are there really secret underground bases under the American Midwest in which aliens and human researchers work in great secrecy, cheek by jowl, and to which unsuspecting humans such as James Walden are abducted, there to be poked and prodded — as if they were nothing more than laboratory subjects in a medical school amphitheater? I reiterate that I don’t know the answer to this question. However, more and more people seem to be coming forward to report this sort of experience as the years pass. It certainly appears possible that highly covert and uncommonly strange goings-on might be transpiring underground.

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