Thursday, June 24, 2010

Gods of the Final Frontier: Did Aliens Beat us to HyperSpace?

"My ideas caused people to reexamine Newtonian physics. It is inevitable that my own ideas will be reexamined and supplanted. If they are not, there will have been a gross failure somewhere." 
A. Einstein

Despite the efforts of SETI scientists to avoid the pitfalls of anthropomorphism, they duplicate terrestrial life and civilization on distant planets, creating a succession of alien worlds that mirror their own. SETI investigators tend to attribute terrestrial life and culture to the rest of the universe because they operate beyond the limits of their knowledge and competence when they discuss the universality of science and mathematics, biological and cultural evolution, the idea of progress, the nature of technology, and the meaning of civilization. Astronomers and physicists first meet these complex areas of knowledge when they venture into history, philosophy, and the biological and social sciences. Not surprisingly, they use concepts drawn from the physical sciences to determine the nature of alien cultures. Searchers for extraterrestrial intelligence suppose that alien mathematics and science are essentially like ours. When physicist Edward Purcell wrote about communication with extraterrestrials in the 1960s, he asked rhetorically: “What can we talk about with our remote friends?” His immediate answer was: “We have a lot in common. We have mathematics in common, and physics, and astronomy. . . . We have chemistry in common, inorganic chemistry, that is.” 2 Purcell not only assumed that the physical sciences are practiced throughout the universe but that alien science is bound to harmonize with terrestrial science. These premises, crucial to the belief that we can communicate with advanced extraterrestrial civilizations, are riddled with philosophical difficulties.

The Cosmic Buzz Killers - Distance & Speed

All available evidence indicates that the speed of light is the absolute fastest anything can go, like...ever. Engineers think nothing like warp drive is possible under the rules of nature. Reaching even a fraction of light speed would be very difficult. Also travelling really fast is dangerous! At 700 million miles per hour, hitting even a grain of cosmic sand would release the explosive power of an atomic bomb. The distances between stars is enormous, so enormous that they're hard to wrap your head around. Zip through at speed of light and  it will cost you 4 years of your life, try to reach the far side of the milkyway's spiral arm and be ready for a solitary confinement of a 100,000 years. If, you take the Drake's equation at face value, even at a galactic density of a million star systems with intelligent life, the average distance between civilizations would be over 500 light years.  Why wrestle with all the hassle when the job can be done without breaking a sweat, cosmologically speaking. 

Enter ........... HyperSpace

Hyperspace exists in layers, both above and below the normal space. Objects in hyperspace travel in constant speeds, that is their speeds are multiples of the speed of light. "An object moving through hyperspace is subject to a phenomenon akin to a frictional force that is proportional to both its size and its mass. Because the object's speed cannot change in hyperspace, it must expend energy in order to continue moving, as though it were working against friction. If the object stops expending energy or does not expend enough energy, it simply drops out of hyperspace and back into normal space." Once you're in hyperspace, enormous distances  lose their meaning altogether, millions of years worth of travel can be transcended in mere moments.  
The upside of being a hyper-space dweller is that you have the luxury of existing in multidimensional time streams. These beings can exist on earth, hyperspace and in higher dimensional universes simultaneously. All different experiences contributing towards one complete instance of life!

BREAKING NEWS: The engineers at the Department of Energy have already started developing a prototype, believe it or not, to break the light-speed barrier. The prime requirement is the generation of an ultra powerful magnetic field to push the space vehicle - dubbed the Z-machine, in to another dimension. A working prototype engine is expected to be presented for testing in 5 years. So hold on to your lose change, you might need it to buy the first tour packages to the red planet.  

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